The regenerative agriculture process can regenerate soil destroyed by intensive commercial farming.   Heal Terra will purchase degraded farmland at reduced rates, in areas where commercial farming has eroded and exacerbated the soil.

Our strategy is to bring local teams of sustainable farmers together to apply the regenerative agriculture process to  each property and increase tillage wherever possible. 

The regenerative processes takes time to rebuild soil viability, thus diversification of use is essential.  

Each strategy will differ depending on location, goals and community needs. 

The regenerative process includes practices below

  • Agroforestry – planting trees and hedgerows  to create microclimates that attract birds and predatory bugs that reduce pests, and to maintain balance between temperature and humidity.
  • Companion planting that benefit tree growth (mushrooms, garlic, chives, clover, leek) 
  • Silvopasture – trees pastures for livestock integration
  • Crop diversity – planting diverse trees that work symbiotically together
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