Regenerative agriculture is about being more than just sustainable. It works to restore soil health by take a whole system approach to agriculture.

The impact of climate change has brought considerable risk to our food security.  Commercial farming practices destroy natural ecosystem. Use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides kill microbes in the soil that trees and plants need to survive.  They degrade the soil causing an inability to absorb water, leaving it susceptible to extreme weather and erosion

Regenerative agriculture restores the soil by taking a whole system approach that embraces the natural ecosystems. Regenerative techniques add energy (organic matter – mulch + compost) to the soil to encourage and feed microorganisms that plants rely on.

Heal Terra Inc. will invest in rural land and implement regenerative agriculture techniques to restore soil health,  improve productivity, and lower the risk from climate change.

Our “we” farm strategy is designed to induce a “back to the land movement” incorporating regenerative and syntropic agriculture techniques for food production as well as renewable energy, education, and social art for behavior change techniques.

The We Farm strategy will create affordable shared farming spaces for urban residents wanting to change their behavior and make a difference.

We will bring local teams of regenerative farmers together with artists and educators to build, learn and grow diverse regenerative communities. 

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