Heal Terra Inc. invests in agricultural land that is in need of regeneration. With a focus on commercial farms destroyed by a heavy reliance on chemicals. Our regenerative farming process rebuilds healthy soil through regenerative farming techniques and design, creating more productive farms that are much more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Our objective is to buy property at low cost and add significant value to it in order to sell at higher cost.

Our fund will purchase:

  • Raw land to convert into regenerative agriculture farms
  • Commercial farms and apply regenerative agricultural techniques to restore them.

We will acquire and actively lease property in emerging markets where extreme commercial farming techniques have destroyed, or threaten to destroy, soil viability.

We will work with experienced sustainable local farmers, and seek to obtain income from both tillable and non-tillable areas wherever possible.

We will diversify use on our properties to bring about further financial stability to our investments .

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