Heal Terra Inc. invests in agricultural land to create “We farm” spaces for urban residents wanting to take part in the “back to the land” movement. We will implement permaculture techniques to regenerate soil health and create productive farms that are much more resilient to the impacts of climate change. Cultural change is imperative, and as climate change builds widespread understanding we will offer people a tangible way to take action.

The We farm concept is designed to enable urban residents the opportunity to take action and unite with other like-minded people who want to create an agricultural system that is in harmony with the natural ecosystem.

Our objective is to cause significant cultural change through The We Farm concept, by localizing food production and uniting communities around it. We Farm is all about sharing farm space, knowledge and equipment (greenhouse, tools etc), to offer urban residents the opportunity to rent a tiny home on the farm, take part in the regenerative agriculture process and share in the produce grown on the farm.

We will promote permaculture education to gain greater awareness of the need to shift from commercial chemical intensive farming to regenerative agriculture.

We will use regenerative agriculture, syntropic techniques, and social permaculture to regenerate soil health and community health.

We will create opportunities for education (permaculture design certificate courses; natural building certificate) and collaboration – weekly market, event space etc.

We will demonstrate how farming when combined with permaculture techniques and experiential opportunities can be lucrative.

We will purchase properties within 30 minutes of large urban centres and convert them to regenerative agriculture “We Farms” creating communities united around local food production

We will collaborate with experienced regenerative local farmers, and seek to obtain income from both tillable and non-tillable areas wherever possible.

We will diversify use on our properties to bring further financial stability to our investments .

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