Heal Terra Inc. has a mission to regenerate 50,000 acres of farmland.

Commercial, or intensive, farming uses pesticides and fertilisers that kill microbes in the soil, destroying healthy soil. When soil is destroyed by intensive farming, it can’t withstand extreme weather brought by climate change and erosion sets in. Over 1/3 of the worlds topsoil has been destroyed, and this number is compounding annually. Permaculture uses syntropic and regenerative techniques that regenerate soil, and work to rebuild the microorganisms living in it. Our goal is to restore soil structure and the natural ecosystems that regenerate healthy soil, while educating and attracting urban residents to permaculture farming and the importance of nurturing and caring for natural ecosystems .

The management team understands the importance of working locally to combat climate change and protect food security. With excellent relationships within the permaculture industry, our goal is to create regenerative “shared” farm spaces (think shared work spaces). The We Farm concept will be available to urban populations, to people wanting to take action and help rebuild the natural ecosystems we depend on.

Heal Terra Inc. invests in agricultural land to create “We farm” spaces for urban residents wanting to take part in the “back to…

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